The Beast of No-man's Land

France, Summer 1918.

Sergeant Collins was monitoring the war zone, looking out for any signs of the German army. Until he saw something moved, struggling. Nothing was supposed to move on that field. There wasn't even supposed to be anything alive on it.

He grabbed his binoculars and tried to identify this mysterious beast. He thought it was a cow but how did it even end up on this No-man's Land?

He suddenly realised it wasn't a cow. It was actually in fact a horse.

A War Horse. 
* * * * *

I don't normally do movie reviews but this movie is definitely worth mentioning. Yes, I know. This is a pretty old movie (December 2011) but I didn't have the chance to watch it until yesterday because Sayanora exams!


First's first; this is by far the best love story that I've ever watched.  It's a story about Joey and Albert, a horse and his boy. They were separated by force due to World War I. As cliché as every other movies, this one is worth watching. What made this movie interesting is because of the different stories of different people that were told throughout Joey's journey during the war.

Don't worry if you're not a movie-goer, War Horse is adapted from a novel by Michael Morpurgo. I haven't read it but it's going to be on my Books-To-Buy List.


Heads up for any animals' and horses' lovers out there, make sure you have a box of tissue right next to you because I can assure you that you're gonna cry your eyeballs out. Never have I remembered crying so hard from watching a movie, though I have to make an exception to Hachiko: A Dog's Story. Whoever made that movie, damn, ya tryna dry up all of our tears, man?

It's sad and funny and encouraging. It was one hella of a roller coaster ride of emotion.

Steven Spielberg was really smart with it as he has always been with his other war movies. If you decide to watch this, do watch out for the scene that I mentioned above. From wiping my tears off my cheeks, I ended up laughing like a hyena.

Love, courage, friendship, trust, honour and belief are beautifully molded into this movie. It's not 100% about the horse because it's more about the war, so don't worry if you don't dig into the girly horsey movies because it's not. *Two thumbs up*

PS: Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch are in it. *Winks*