The Timekeeper

This is inspired by a true story. It is fully fictional and has nothing to do with the living or the dead. But I would like to personally thank the group of great people, whoever you are, whom made so much noise outside of my room last night, for giving me the inspiration to write this. I'm sorry if I offend anyone. This is what you get when you mess with a sleepy girl. Haha. Viewers' discretion is advised. Thank you.

Ughhh, Dunedin? Again? Seriously?

There’s so many other places that I could be assigned to but He sent me here? Maannnnn.

Well, yeah, Dunedin’s pretty cool. But, but… Oh well, who am I to question?

I need to find him.

Now, now. Where do we start? It’s a Saturday night, I’d assume everyone’s out partying before O-Week starts again. Apparently it means Orientation Week. Where almost everyone gets drunk, parties before class starts and wear white bed sheets. Hah.

Well, I know he’s not at the hospital. It’s still too early for that. Though working at the hospital would be an easy job for me. Possible but can’t be it.

*Techno song across the street*

I guess that’s a place to start, huh? I need to find him. 

Clock's ticking.

Man, I hate this place. It reeks of sweat, overused cologne and the Devil’s piss.

I could barely understand what they're saying. They slur when they talk and they ‘hang out’, as what they call it, and listen to these loud crazy mantras that they call songs. DUDE. I COULD BARELY HEAR MYSELF THINK.

What’s up with these guys shouting out vulgar words to each other anyway? But yet they’re friends? That’s really weird. Why would you do that? Insulting your own friends. And the girls dance away like there is no tomorrow. They also like to scream. Like, why? God.

What has the world become?

Dang it, I’m starting to sound like the Elders.

Hah, look at that Casanova. Beer in one hand, and a girl on the other. I thought I saw him with a different girl last week. And that guy. He’s already on the floor covered in his own puke.

But that’s not him. Gotta keep looking.

It's such a waste. They’re pouring their spirits and energy away. All they do is talk, laugh and dance. And the best part is, they could barely remember anything the next day!

If they manage to stay alive that is.

And mannn they look horrible! Bright red flush appeared on their pale white skin. Some could barely talk, others just looked and laughed away as if nothing matters anymore in this world. They knew of the consequences and yet they still do it. Not to mention wasting their most precious yet worthless money on what they call 'fun'.

My Lord. You guys are so confusing.

Why are humans so stubborn? But then again I blame the Beasts as well. They clung onto these poor souls' hearts and whisper horrible stuffs at them. Those guys always give me the creeps. Eeehhh.

Boy, I wish I could show y’all the truth. The real truth. But I 'm not the one who decides that and I have wayyy more important things to do.

Now, where are you?

“Adam, you’re drinking too much, bro,” said the boy in the beanie.

“Nahh, bro. I’m all right. I’m not drunk. See?” while he tried to stand on both of his feet. Adam then grunted and rubbed his chest.

“Are you okay, bro?” asked his friend in the grey hoodie.

A girl in a white dress patiently replied, “Adam, I think enough is enough. Let’s get you outta here,” as she reached for Adam’s arms.


“Hey hey hey hey, Adam, Adam, listen to me… let’s get out of here. You’re making a scene.”

“NO! LEGGO OF MEE, SEM!” screamed Adam who is now covered in sweat.

Everyone in the pub started to wander their curious eyes towards their direction. “That’s it. We’re outta here and you’re coming with us. Ally, grab the beers. We’re going.” Sam and Jason forcefully grabbed Adam's arms and staggered across the haven. Everyone started chattering and drinking again, as if nothing happened.

I found him.

“SOD OFF BRUU!” as Adam angrily pushed Sam and Jason away. Ally then tried to hold onto Adam as he looked like he’s going to fall.

“I’m fine. Can’t you see? I’m walking fi…” he stumbles by the curb and fell face down. Fresh blood gushed out of his nostrils. He grunted and reached for his chest.

“Adam, calm down. Just sit down. Stay where you are. I’m calling the ambulance. You’re too drunk.” Ally reached for her phone in her beige tote bag. Suddenly, Adam clumsily stood up and lurched towards Ally. He grabbed her hard by her arms and threw her to the side. Screams and cry pierced through the night. Broken glasses spread out on the streets. Red cuts appeared on her knees.


Jason ran to Ally’s side and tend to her wound. She couldn’t help it. Tears rolled down her flushed cheeks.

Almost there.

Adam clutched a fist across his chest and staggered a couple of steps forward. Sam came in front of him and tried stopping him from walking anywhere further. But Adam stopped and bent his body forward. Fist still clutched hard.

“Hey bro. Calm down. Just sit down and everything will be alright,” said Sam politely.

“Sam…” gasped Adam. He tried taking in another deep breath. He mumbled, “My chest hurts.”

“Adam, just sit down and we’ll call the ambulance now,” as Sam reached into his pockets. Adam tried to straighten his body and looked up.

Our eyes locked.

I found you.

Fear and realisation started crawling into his eyes. He gaped at my dark face. He can't see what was behind this dark eerie silhouette. His eyes widened as he traced it along my big dark feathered wings as i towered over him. The unknown is scaring him.

The pain in his chest became worse. He couldn't stand it and forcefully clasped his shirt, trying to pull the pain away. He knew he couldn't breathe. Blood vessels popped on his neck.

“Adam, what’s wrong?” as Jason saw him slowly falling to his knees.

Adam whispered, “Oh God, please, no.”

What can you do now, mortal?


He fell onto his back and gasped for air like a fish on shore. Eyes still searching for my face.

Jason, Ally and Sam ran to his side, screaming, crying, praying.

Adam muttered something.

You were consumed by arrogance and ignorance, O' Disbeliever.


Silvery tears ran down his now-blue face.

I inched in to his face.


Fear and pain overwhelmed his body. He struggled, eyes widened. 


Taste the punishment of the Burning Fire.


His friends shook his lifeless body.

The air stood still. Cries and panic broke the silent night.

Soul received.

Alrighty then! Grieving time is over!

I rubbed both of my palms together.

So, who’s next?