The Men

Football, Fußball, soccer,
The only words that meant the same thing
The only thing that brought us all together.

And sadly
A game that purposely masks our sore reality.

Our own cheers and laughter covered our eyes and ears
We allowed The Men to hypnotise us
Hypnotise us with a mere football match
While they mass murder.

You see that fancy and red fizzy drinks
And the supposedly delicious burger in your hands?
They are slowly killing you from the inside.
And that money that you spent on them
Pays for the bullet that punctures through young hearts and souls
Of sinless children and the helpless people of Gaza.

This is an era where sheep have more rights than a child
The era where brands and celebrities become 'gods'
The era where money are spent on car plates than brothers in need
What happened to the gladiators,
The kairākau,
And the brave men?
Are you ready to face the Creator?
Are you ready to answer the things that you didn't do?

If only people were this passionate about things that really matter.

"I'm just one person, I can't do anything about it,"
"Nothing's going to change."

You're wrong.

It's because you are ONE PERSON
You CAN do something about it
We HAVE to do something about it
You can make a difference
The tiniest efforts that you make will be accounted for.

So get up
Open your eyes and ears
Look around you
Take off the veils that The Men effortlessly laid on you.

See. Listen. Think. Feel. 

Do it.

A little birdy once said,
"At least I'm doing something about it,"
And guess what, it mattered.

PS: Like a good science student, here are the links to the references of the text.