Hell Dog

The cars moving across the bridge, the howling wind between the mountains, the running waters of the creek, everything seemed like they moved minutes slower. 

I couldn’t even look straight in its eyes. My sensory system was picking up everything that was happening around me. I could feel my pupils dilating. The sudden dryness in my mouth. Cold beady sweats on my skin. I could hear my heart started to pump louder and stronger, as though it was clawing its way out from my chest.

You know that feeling of knowing that you couldn’t do anything? Anything at all? Helpless. Not like, ‘oh-no-I-did-not-study-and-now-I-have-a-test’ kind of helpless. It’s more like nothing you or others do can save your life. Literally a matter of life or death.

There it was. Growling at me with dark beady eyes. White froth formed around its bared sharp fangs. Body crouched, legs planted on the ground, ready to pounce on me. In a few seconds, I would be wounded badly.

From afar, I could hear faint shouts.

As the beast approached, images and thoughts raced through my mind. What now? Option A – die trying. Option B – stood still and hope for the best.

I could have stayed, stood my grounds and fight the beast. Probably give it a few knocks even though its fangs will already be embedded in my arms. Or I could run as fast as I can and hope that I don’t stumble over the river stones. Die trying, right?

But my legs were giving away. My knees started to knock onto each other. I couldn't move.

For the first time in my life, I felt helpless, alone and petrified. But somewhere deep in my heart, I was confident and certain with the decision I was about to make. To give in to my Fate. Never have I felt so much trust and confidence in my choice. I knew things were already planned out for me but my actions would still affect my future outcome.

There was nothing physically shielding me against this scary creature. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

I was ready for the pounce.

Five seconds past and nothing. I was still standing.

Ten seconds past and still nothing. The growling and barking stopped.

So, I decided to take a peek.

The scary beast was nowhere to be found. Instead, I saw a beautiful black and white pitbull, sitting on its hind legs and panting away. As if the last minute never happened. Its owner ran closer to us and kept apologizing for Spike’s act. He took the dog by its collar and walked off.

It took me quite a while to understand everything that just happened.

My surroundings started to move to its normal pace again.

I could have been a lifeless rag doll. I could have been bitten and wounded. Death could have kissed me but Life decided that I should cherish it another day.

My knees couldn't hold me any longer. I collapsed onto the cold hard river pebbles as my eyes started to swell up.