I'll Love You Even though I've Never Met You

The anticipation was climbing up
Many people asked about you
How well you were
How old you were
And how healthy you were
The teeny tiny facts about you mattered
And you made everyone's faces carved up with sincere smiles
Even if they shouldn't on that day

Nine months past and there you were
But you weren't screaming
You were as quiet as anyone can be
Yes, you were breathing 
And I bet you looked like any healthy child

But Allah knows best
He knew that all of us would cry
Be devastated and sad
Be heartbroken and dejected
He knew that the world would be harsh on you
He decided to take you away from us
And He knew that that was the best for everyone

So, just remember this
Although I've never met you
I know I'll miss you
Although I've never knew you
I know I'll love you
Although I've never seen you
I know I'll remember you

Lots of Love,
Aunty Nana

As you may read, I would like to dedicate this to my cousin's child yang baru meninggalkan kita last night. Kak Ima and Abang Adi, just ingat, semua benda yang terjadi ada hikmahnya. We all know that he will be in a better place. Al-Fatihah...


  1. Salam kak..

    You put tears in my eyes..it's definitely a nice poem from you. May he rests in peace. AlFatihah buat cucunda Amirul...

  2. Inalillah. meninggal sebab apa shaf?

  3. shaf . nie baby yang you citer kat i tu erk .
    sedih =(

  4. Some penyakit. I tak sure..

    Wani: Erm, tak kowt. Yang tu anak kazen yang lagi sorang, dia dah okay. Nih lain. =S

  5. Awesome poem you got lotta talent