Thank You Random Citizen!

Okaaayyy, this is a really random post. I know I've posted this on Twitter but what the heck =)

Thank you, you random awesome person. You just made my day awesomer <- that's not even a word but owh well. I don't know who you are but I think you're cute.

Again, won't give you a potato but here's a purple smiley =D


You Don’t Need to be a Boy to Play Football

So, I was watching this sports show on Astro the other day and they showed this one Malaysian futsal championship 2011 for both boys and girls. And I gotta admit that were pretty good but the problem that I faced while watching the highlights was that I can’t differentiate them.

I could not differentiate which teams were the girls’. =.=’

I really don’t get it. Why do you have to look like a guy to play like one? It doesn’t make sense at all! Plus, you don't need to look like Messi to also get FIFA Player of the Year 2011. =)

FIFA Player of the Year 2011, Homare Sawa and Lionel Messi.

Of course there is nothing wrong with having short hair. And you can totally still look like a girl.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a long hair looking like a normal girl. Or if you’re a Muslimah, there’s no harm on playing futsal while wearing hijab. My friends and I have been doing that and is still doing it.

Exhibit A, world champions for  FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011, Japan. Well, most of them look still very much like a girl. Hmm.

Exhibit B, since they’re world champions, it’s so obvious that they’re amazing at playing football.

Plus, in the religion of Islam, isn’t there this one hadith which states that it’s haram to wear any types of clothing which would cause other people to confuse you as the opposite sex? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

And another thing, when it comes to football and girls, the typical Malaysians would always say to me:

“Ish, buat apa dok main bola, macam laki-laki.”

“Hang tu perempuan, sedaq sikit, nanti orang ingat hang laki.”

“Tak takut ka nanti orang laki tak suka kat hang?”

What the TOOOOOOOT? Like C’MON! Playing or being a fan of the game would not transform you into becoming a boy kayy. *Slaps head*

You tell me, while it’s okay to play hockey, netball and handball, why is it not okay for girls to play football? You still run around the field, chasing the one same ball but rather than using your hands or hitting it with a stick, you use your legs. *Squints*

So, Malaysians (the stereotype ones), please stop being such a stereotype! There’s nothing wrong with girls playing or even watching the game, okay?

And let’s not even go to girls playing rugby. That’s way off for many Malaysians to accept that still. Since I’m the little rebel, I’m still gonna play both football and touch rugby regardless of what people are going to say and have said to me.

Feminist much? Nahh, just being an outspoken athlete and a football/rugby fan. =)


Humans Called Friends

So, just so you know, I show my appreciation towards someone by giving presents to them like key-chains or chocolates or food or whatever that I could afford. C’mon, who could ever say “No” to good free stuffs? =B However, some people have different styles of showing their appreciation like maybe, they would make up a cool song or tumpangkan bilik (thanks Saliha and Irfanah!) or produce awesome vids or write on their blogs or drive their friends around Penang (thanks Wani and Eeling!).

Even a simple gesture of “Hi” could put a smile on their face and even mine. =)

I was quite shocked when some of my UIA friends were like, “Shaf! Ko ingat aku lagi ek? Terharu aku ko datang jumpe aku. Hehe,”. MESTILAH! I’m not that vein to forget you guys kayy. Insya-Allah, at this rate, I WON’T lerh. =D

A few tear drops here and there. ;)

Lots of Hu-Ha-Hu-Ha and hugs everywhere. =D

And definitely gossiping sessions anywhere! =p

I was flattered that my friends and family can’t seem to forget me too. =p

At least I know that people who are called FRIENDS still appreciate me. =) They manage to squeeze in my short trip to Malaysia into their tight schedule so that I could meet up with them. Regardless of it being a whole-day outing *winks at Eel, Wani Nizam, Saliha, Irfanah, Nisa, Mirah* or even a really really short convo *winks at the other awesome people* =p.

I would like to say to EVERYONE:

Just to show off to you guys, I had so many cool presents from around the World given by my beautiful friends. It’s such an irony coz I had to come back home to Malaysia and get all these stuffs. LOL. =p

Thanks to Eel Seah for the cool Zodiac cutting and the Tarracotta Emperor Key-chain from BEIJING.

Thanks to Wani Nizam for the stylish scarf from THAILAND.

Thanks to Luqman Kasran for the dangly keychain from EGYPT.

Thanks to Nadiah Rashidi for the unique emu magnet from AUSTRALIA.

Thanks to Zahira Zahari for the cute keychain from SINGAPORE.

Seeeeee, I told you guys I had awesome stuffs from around the Globe. Guess I’m one lucky person who is surrounded by so many awesome people who would remember me. =)

Again, I thank you for everything you’ve done for the past two months. Well, I wish you all the best and see you guys again real soon. *Winks*

Thanks For The Memory. =)