Read Goodly

Alrighty mates. I have another website recommendation. Well, I have to give a huge shout-out to YANG SAFIA ( ) who showed me how awesome GOOD READS is!

I used to update my book reviews here. Okay, so what a joke. I've only written about like what, two books in this blog? Blehh. Anyways, is super fun coz you get to update your progress on what you're reading, what you've read and also what you want to read. You could look up for the books and make small e-notes on it. Not to mention that you can write comments, you could also post your own opinion and reviews. Plus you would also be able to read other people's thoughts about the books alike and the books you hate. LOL! People could also randomly recommend books that they think you should give it a go by looking at how you rate your books. It'll automatically detect on your favourite genre or plots and even authors. There are discussion boards and random quizzes about the books that you read.

Like how I put only ONE star for this book. It was depressing.

You can add friends from Facebook and etc and you could also follow mini blogs of your favourite authors on the same website.

If you're a book buff, this website is a definite go-go. Look it up and I think you'll enjoy it too. And probably because it's mainly for books, so, I'm somewhat diligent enough to update what I read.

Here's a snapshot on what it looks like.

I've only used it for about five months and I'm lovin' it!

Do ask me any questions about this website and I'd be more than happy to help you with it. You could reach me through Twitter or even on Good Reads: 


Dustiest Blog Ever

OK. So when I first told myself that I was gonna update my blog for at least once a week, I should have realised that it was a HUGE JOKE. Hahah! I'm so like this rabbit. Pfft.

Like legit. It has been more than what, FIVE freakin months? Dang I mustta been that bad. LOL!

So, I do have a lot of stuffs to tell you guys about like how cool Otago is, how much I hated Jakarta (all due respect to Indonesia but the crowd killed me *died*), how Isengaard and Rivendell are sooo beautiful and a whole lot of stuffs.

But before I start off this year, I'd like to wish everyone:

And yes. I'm super aware that it's already February. Yeah, kill me. *puffs*

Okay, don't. I was just kidding. All the best with your new year resolutions. I hope you actually get through it, Inshaa Allah. I hope I achieve mine too. *Squints at weighing scale*

PS: Jokes on you people who thought apocalypse was gonna happen last year. 2013 B*TCHES!! No one knows. Only Allah does. Cheers.