Tarbiyah with Channing Tatum

It's been gazillion years since I've last updated my blog (that's for 'a few months' in internet language). Before I start, I'd just like you to know that this is pure analogy. Please put aside the fact that Channing is married to the out most beautiful Ms Jenna Dewan-Tatum and have just had a gorgeous blue-eyed baby girl. Thought I'd use Channing as the example since he's 'the hot buzz' right now. I mean, I'm writing this from a girl's point of view. So, if you're a guy reading this, just change Channing with, I don't know, Jennifer Lawrence maybe? LOL.

Let your imagination run wild.

Out of all other prettier and smarter fan-girls, he chose you. There he was, on his knees, with his beautiful green eyes staring back at you, waiting patiently for an answer to slip away from your lips. And there you were, standing in front of him, frozen. (PS: You're trying really hard to not to faint. XP)

Yeah, you've seen his movies. Maybe not all of them but sure. Yeah, you've sometimes stalked him on Instagram, if it pops up in your feed. Yeah, you can't deny he's super gorgeous. Yeah, you might even have had him in your dreams but never in a thousand years that you'd expect to actually meet him in this unexpected situation.

Even if you're not a fan, you just can't afford to say "No".

Imagine this, out of millions of his fans, out of the blue, he chose you. And only you for him to share his life with.

How would you feel?

Have you sunk in this feeling yet? Can you imagine how special you are? How much you stand out from every other human beings in this world?

Out of many other cooler websites, what are the chances of you reading this? What are the chances of you clicking this link?  What are the chances of even doing anything by luck?

"He selects for His mercy whom He wills. And Allah is the possessor of great bounty."
- Al Imran (3:74)

Out of everyone in the world, Allah chose you to understand Islam. Allah chose you to be wherever you are right now. Allah chose you to not go astray even though the many, many mistakes that you've made in life. Allah opened your hearts to allow you to have faith in this beautiful religion. Never once that he turns away from us, the weak flawed human beings. 

So, what are the chances of you embracing Islam?

I'm not sure about you but I'm feeling dem special feels right now.

Embrace it. <3