I'll Love You Even though I've Never Met You

The anticipation was climbing up
Many people asked about you
How well you were
How old you were
And how healthy you were
The teeny tiny facts about you mattered
And you made everyone's faces carved up with sincere smiles
Even if they shouldn't on that day

Nine months past and there you were
But you weren't screaming
You were as quiet as anyone can be
Yes, you were breathing 
And I bet you looked like any healthy child

But Allah knows best
He knew that all of us would cry
Be devastated and sad
Be heartbroken and dejected
He knew that the world would be harsh on you
He decided to take you away from us
And He knew that that was the best for everyone

So, just remember this
Although I've never met you
I know I'll miss you
Although I've never knew you
I know I'll love you
Although I've never seen you
I know I'll remember you

Lots of Love,
Aunty Nana

As you may read, I would like to dedicate this to my cousin's child yang baru meninggalkan kita last night. Kak Ima and Abang Adi, just ingat, semua benda yang terjadi ada hikmahnya. We all know that he will be in a better place. Al-Fatihah...


"Stretch It Out and Lose That Baggage!"

 After that awful experience, we were trying our best to forget about it. Period. So, after taking our next flight tickets to Wellington (WEL), we headed straight to the bus terminal just located outside of the airport, taking a bus to the domestic flight terminal.

Whenever you get into a flight, and normally before takeoff, the stewards and stewardesses would explain plainly and demonstrates all the safety precautions that passengers should take notice of during the flight such as how to wear a seat belt, where you should put your hand luggage at, what you should do when an emergency occurs and etc. Remember that? Owh well, maybe not because I’m pretty sure that apparently none of us ever focused on that, don’t we? Unless the stewards were pretty good-looking =p However, Air New Zealand had the best, I mean seriously da-bomb, most interesting safety advertisement ever! Hands down! I had to admit though that it was pretty ridiculous but funny yet catchy enough to make you watch it till the end =D Yes, it’s an advertisement, NOT a demonstration like we used to look at. Here is the video, you be the judge. =D (NZ Add ON SAFETY ISSUES ON FLIGHT)

Owh, and here is a picture of the clouds in the New Zealand sky =)

Then, about an hour later, we landed in Wellington safely and was greeted by Dr. Rosli Mohamed, mum’s boss, who were really lively and friendly, and also a few other Malaysians from The Malaysia High Commission (HiCom). So, after three consecutive flights, we were all worn out and thus, still feeling jet-lagged, we headed straight for the City Life Hotel which was located smack in the middle of Wellington City. And yes, as you’ve guessed, the scenery was breath-taking. =D



This was when the nightmare started.

Apparently in NZ, you would have to go through another x-rays and dogs (yes, they have dogs sniffing around people’s bag just to find drugs and etc.) and real people asking you to open up your bag. And owh, before you land, you’ll be given a small paper where you have to sign it to indicate whether you bring the illegal food or stuffs or not. Apparently, none of us really REALLY read the paper so we missed out one tiny little detail where it stated that honey is forbidden to be brought in.

Back at the Malaysian Golden Lounge, apparently my mum asked me to take a bottle of hardly of 100 ml of honey and put it in my bag since hers was congested with her other stuffs. She asked me to do so because she thought she would have some in the flight later. So when we were all so bloated during flying, both my mum and I had totally forgotten about that small bloody bottle when we landed.

So, even after we had our box of food checked manually, they found that jar in my bag and apparently we were brought aside to be fined with $400. Yes, four hundred dollars which is equivalent to almost RM 932!! Even after begging, they still issued a summon on that bloody jar. I had to write down an apology letter, (which my mum helped coz she felt a little guilty about it =S) to the government of NZ about what happened and hope that they won’t charge me and it was totally 100% of recklessness and nothing to jeopardize NZ honey-making industry. Apparently, it seemed that honey that was brought from overseas might contain some kind of germs or some sort of virus that could be contages to the honey in NZ, thus, collapsing the industry. I cross my heart, really, I blame it all on my short term memory loss.

So, for those who wanna come down and visit me soon, please make sure that you DO NOT bring these items along or you can kiss goodbye to your precious RM 932:

  • -        HONEY
  • -        Boots or shoes filthed with soil
  • -        Dairy products
  • -        Any sort of beefs (Rendang or even raw =S)
  • -        Barleys, wheat and fish (If I’m not mistaken)
  • -        Wood (Hand crafted idol or clock or table and etc.)

So, that kinda spoilt everyone’s mood but Alhamdulillah once we stepped out from the airport, the scenery and the strong cold wind swept our un-awesome tragedy away from our minds. =) 



Before I start my very long long story, I, first, would like to apologise for not updating my blog for almost two months now. Cleaning up my whole house takes about a week, and I’m talking about spotless clean. And since reaching New Zealand, I did not have much chances to find a place with Wi-Fi and going online. So now, mummy has installed broadband in our new home, it makes me going online a lot easier =) I have so much to tell you guys! Let’s start off with the amazing services that Malaysia Airlines provided to me and my fellow members of the family =)

Having to say goodbye to my family and friends were definitely harder than I thought. I knew that I was going to have fun and a new adventure and definitely exciting experiences but leaving behind the place and the people that I grew up with and love was a no joke. Obviously I’m talking about moving to New Zealand. =S I felt very lucky to have family and friends who took their time out just to send us off at the Penang International Airport. (PEN) Some even cried that they might not make it just to see us go. (It’s okay, I won’t type out your name here =p) I appreciate it. For that, I thank you all. And some couldn’t make it at all which I don’t mind. Really, it’s okay =) So, I had made and received phone calls throughout the same day. These are the people that I did get the chance to meet up with or called up before leaving. I heart you guys tonnes =) PS: Even for those whom I didn’t get the chance to speak with till the last second or missed out your name (maafkan daku!), I still heart you guys as much <3 (It’s just a list to make my article look longer, no hard feelings yeh? =D)

Uncles and Aunts
Eel Seah
Syazwani Nizam
Adilla Munir
Farrah Harun
Shazana Wazir
Ashley Leow
Goh Jo Wee
Kak Yah J.Lo =p
Jeysanaah Ganesh
Bhavithra Bieber =)
Angeline Low
Kaveta Balasubramaniam
Koh I-Lyn
Cynthia ‘Ee Ee’ Lee
Eunice Lee
Norshela Natasha
Fion ‘Fufu’ Wong
Sabrena Arosh
Liyana Zainol Abidin
Tara Tan Tze Lin
Azhani Azizi
Mudzaffar Razif
Izyan Musfirah
Zahrin Zahari
Zahira Zahari
Diniy Akmal
Nur Hasya
Bu Sheerah
Farah Aiman
Amirah Zulkarnain
Khairunnisa Ubaidillah
Hazwani Najwa
Nadiah Rashidi
Afiza Fatihah
Luqman Kasran
Syamir Akif
Hafiz Aiman
Izyanti Idris
Syahirah Hamid a.k.a Buaya Darat a.k.a Bepz =D
Muna Athirah <3

Our take off was at 5.25pm and we reached safely at KLIA afterwards. (KUL) Then we find our way into Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge which was located inside KLIA itself. We stopped there for prayers and then find our way to the international gate. After the immigration counter, we headed straight for the international departure which is located in a different building. You have to take a tube to get to that place and it was amazing! I felt like I was at overseas already! Then again, we went straight to the lounge and waited there.

Now, the (sort of) real pleasure and royalty starts =D

The Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge International is a place where you wait for your flight in comfy couches and sofas. It’s an exquisite lounge complete with a small golf putting place thingy, spa, TV, free Wi-Fi, bar and here comes the best part, *drum rolls* eat-all-you-can buffet! Not that they have much variety but the food were really good! And the services too =) *thumbs up* This was when I grabbed the chance making and receiving last minutes calls since I had to wait for another hour or so.

Around 8.50-ish pm, the announcement for last call for flight to Auckland (AUK) was made. (Apparently none of us heard the earlier announcements). So we rushed our butts off to the gate and after the screening and stuffs, we were led into the plane. After take off, we were indulged with dinner which you were needed to choose from. So I had grilled beef on board. Yumm! Makan lagi. Tsk tsk tsk. So, we had appetizers and cakes and drinks and fruits and muffins and more food while watching Narnia and White Collar which I didn’t give much attention as I was too focused on my food =p. Fuuh! Memang terbaek. In business class, you get to choose your own food, you can choose multiple shows and games and even radio channels that you can control on your own given TV screen, your seat which can be inclined into a bed, you’ll get to know how far you are from your destination, you’ll be given a bag complete with lotions, toothbrush and etc, having the stewards and stewardesses remembering your name, and again, eat. I had mixed grilled for breakfast. Heaven! So, technically, you’ll be pampered and bloated throughout that 10-hour flight.

After getting a soundless sleep, we were woken up by the stewards and stewardesses, and had breakfast and Alhamdulillah, safely landed on Aoteora or a.k.a New Zealand. We reached Auckland around 11.36 pm NZ time which is about 7.36pm Malaysian time. Syukur kepada Allah, the flight was smooth and yupp, I definitely had the time of my life, well, sort of. =D