Wallabies Kicked Eagles’ Butts

Okay! Fine! I can’t help it! I think Rugby World Cup (RWC) phenomenon died too quickly. So, I’m gonna live it up all by myself. Heh, syok sendiri. Dah la dok exam. =B So, I owe you guys a blog update on my presence at one of the  RWC games between Eagles and Wallabies at the Wellington Regional Stadium, New Zealand. I know, you rugby enthusiast out there must be thinking, “Why lah this makcik nak update benda yang dah berzaman habis. Hmph.” That’s why I said, I don’t care! =p So, I’m still gonna write down my experience watching a RWC 11’ match between the USA and Australia. Wee~ Ya Rabbi, berteghabuq English. Tsktsktsk.

Me in front of the RWC Official Poster at the stadium

'Don't tell Michelle I'm here'-Barack Obama =p

American flags, check. Australia’s flags, check. 4 Barack Obamas, check. Captain Americas, check. Statue of Liberty, check. Cowboys, check. Buzz Lightyear? Owh okay, check. And… guys wearing-extremely-tight-wrestling-clothing, urr, check? So, those were the people, or shall I say, characters and stuffs that filled my 23rd of September (okay, literally it’s the stadium really =p). With spotlights over head, which could literally light up the whole Wellington City, is the Wellington Stadium that was going to organize the not-so-legendary game between States and Australia. Even though it wasn’t the All Blacks playing, I still got overexcited coz I was about to meet Quade Cooper, Samo, Will Genia and other big names on Wallabies team then. Okayy, no offence to the USA but I know none of you guys. Sorry! Owh and again, no offence, I did think it was going to be an easy game for the Wallabies. =p

Captain Americas. =)

USA vs Wallabies

Wellington Regional Stadium or known as Westpac

However, Australia was the most hated team on RWC 11’. You could actually see that the whole stadium was covered by American flags and fans. There were small teeny tiny spots of Australian fans scattered around the stadium who were technically the minorities in the game. LOL. Even people who had never supported USA did on that night. Like I did. Hahah! None of us wanted Wallabies to win so most of us ended up cheering for U-S-A. Plus, everyone went there just for the fun of the atmosphere and people dressing up as cool characters.

And one of the dudes who sat next to Abah had been trying to make the whole stadium to do the ‘Mexican wave’. He only managed to make the whole stadium to do one round like after what, 10 gazillion times? Hahah! Hey, it took tones of energy to make the entire stadium synchronized. =B LOL. And the paling kesian part was when the whole stadium boo-ed at Quade Cooper whenever he had the ball with him. I mean, yeah, he was the most hated player during RWC coz he kneed McCaw’s head during the last Tri-Nation Championship, but c’mon guys, where’s the sports spirit?? But Cooper kept his composure and managed to play beautifully although he missed out like 2 penalty kicks or something like that. Can’t remember. So yehh.

Quade Cooper making conversion kick

At the end of the day, as usual, the Wallabies kicked USA butts by scoring 67 points to 5. It was an okay game I suppose. I manage to meet up with Man of the Match, Adam Ashley-Cooper from the Wallabies. He was walking around shaking hands with people but I didn’t. My brother did. Cheq kan orang Islam, mana dok boleh nak shek hend ngan orang laki2. Huhu. =)

Adam Ashley-Cooper

It was one heck of an experience. I’m really hoping to be able to watch at least one All Blacks game live next year in NZ. Preferably Tri-Nation (which is gonna be called Four Nations next season =S) or any friendly matches between All Blacks with anyone. Preferably with Springboks or with Wallabies themselves. =p So yehh. Next RWC is going to be held in England. A huge and definite no no since I’m still gonna be in uni, studying. So, RWC 2019, wait for me in Japan! I’m coming right at cha! =)


My First EidulAdha

Okay, before I start, I still owe you guys my raya story. Since my story on AidilAdha is still very fresh, I’ll write on this first. I’ll have my Aidilfitri story done after my exams. Owh owh, wish me all the best! =B

What comes across your mind if tomorrow is AidilAdha? Here’s a few:

Ouhh, boleh makan kari kambing nih. *slurps*

Okayy, lepas semayang sunat, boleh lah tunggu nak tengok lembu kena korban. Wee~

Nak pakai jubah ka jeans? Eh eh, baju kurung la, baru ada aura raya. Heh heh.

Owh wait, mana ada duit raya. Haish. *simpan purse balik*

But to me, it worked pretty differently this year. Selalu, kalu pagi raya, you can listen to takbir everywhere. Dekat radio, TV and even the nearest masjids. Tapi pagi tadi, sangat lah sunyi. I dully put my jubah on and my family were on our way to Johnsonville Community Centre untuk sembahyang sunat EidulAdha. Bukan dekat masjid pown.

And guess what?? I pegi sekolah youuu. That's why tak pakai baju kurung. Sejuk kowt! Ada kelas, langsung lah tak rasa macam raya tapi apakah daya, dah nak exam, still gotta go to the tutorials. =S Tapi, bila balik dari sekolah, I made my exquisite crème brulee. Sedap woaah, tak sangka I terer buat. Dah ada banyak peminat kowt. Muahaha!

Creme Brulee

Kat sini pown ada buat qorban but then I didn’t go coz it starts earlier in the morning and ended at 3pm-ish tadi. So, memang tak sempat nak pi tengok, so I have no idea how they do it over here. But we all dapat daging korban though. Wee~ Daging NZ sedap woo. =B

Tapi thanks to Ibu, Uncle Is and Aunty Jini, raya best lah sebab kami dapat makan Nasi Beriyani lauk ayam and kambing, turkey, steak and ice cream! Wee~ Kiwi style. Hahah. So, technically, the whole day, kerja makan ja. Hahah. So, in my opinion, raya kat NZ tak semeriah and fun macam kat Malaysia. Raya at home is still the best place. =) I miss Malaysia. I know, I gotta admit it. =S