The Transition

In houses, you would be able to find couches and tables, racks and shoes, flat screens and home theatre and other items that, well, houses have. LOL. Except that mine are all in boxes. Stacks of them, piled up by the kitchen. Well, at least till this Sunday. =)

In a few more days, the holy land of rugby (as quoted by a friend of mine), the settings for the shooting of Lord of The Rings (and soon to be for The Hobbits =p), the home of a few amazing mountain ponies and fluffy sheep, and definitely the home of DAN CARTER, is going to be OUR new home, the beautiful land of New Zealand. I’m so fortunate that my mother got a job over there, so we’re all moving there for a couple of years but hopefully my brother and I will stay there till we finish our studies =) Or forever (Yes ibu, I know you’ll read this =p)

Although New Zealand is a beautiful country, I still have to frequently remind myself that there are going to be many many tests awaiting for me. Muslims are minority over there, so getting halal food is definitely going to be a lot harder. And not to mention the influences that I would be getting from my new peers and the new environment. I would really need my strong A’qidah and Iman to help me out and assure me to stay on the right path of Islam. Luckily, thanks to my parents and to having spending almost nine months in UIA, I’d learnt to become a better Muslimah. Understanding Islam more in many different ways are just so fun and eye-opening. From classes to talks to posters to lectures, those were the mediums to teach us, the students, more about Islam. Not only the main knowledge like the five pillars of Islam and others but also the tiny little details. Did you know that even while you’re bathing you could get pahala? Then, only I knew how little I know about this beautiful religion =)

Even though I have to repeat my studies in New Zealand soon, staying in UIA was worth the wait. I looked at it as a preparation for me to face Allah’s tests in NZ really soon. And not to mention, I’ve also met many wonderful people in UIA that I call them as friends who came from different parts of Malaysia. My schoolmates and activity/sports/music-mates are all, well, from Penang and of course I heart them as much too <3 I’m going to miss you guys loads! So, the conclusion is that I felt very grateful that I got stuck in UIA =p

Therefore, New Zealand, HERE I COME! =D